Placement opportunities

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Advancy hires new consultants all year long, at all levels of experience: from interns and university graduates to seasoned consultants.

Principal, strategy consulting

Consult with clients and develop strategies and proposals for structural improvements in various industries including chemicals and energy related fields. Consolidate key quantitative findings from the research and analysis to develop recommendations.

Perform economic and financial analysis including market sizing, forecasting growth, customer segmentation, and regression, using statistical programming. Use mathematical modeling and analytical techniques including regression analysis, cluster analysis, trend analysis, and conjoint analysis to evaluate data and draw conclusions.

Identify trends, compare time ranges, and examine relationships between variables, correlation, and dependence. Synthesize the data by identifying common themes, patterns, and trends. Summarize key findings and develop conclusions. Write executive summaries to communicate the key findings from the research, as well as the proposed recommendations and implications.

Requires: Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or Economics and 5 years’ experience

Seasoned consultants

It is possible to join Advancy directly as a senior consultant or manager.

If you have 2-5 years of relevant experience, Advancy may prove a unique opportunity to rapidly progress your career and work in a highly driven and top performing team.

University graduates

We place value on the experience you gained from internships during your studies, in which you developed skills that are important to succeed in consulting such as teamwork and analytical thinking.

Above all, we are looking for motivated and dynamic consultants.


Advancy has some 15 placements available annually. We prefer long-term placements (6 months) so that interns can acquire a solid base in consulting techniques.

Interns assume the role of full-time consultants and are immediately integrated into a project working end-to-end on complete projects.

At the end of your placement you will have acquired market-recognised competencis and who knows… your placement may be just the first step in a career at Advancy.