Pulp & Paper

Industry players, historically very integrated, are facing new challenges and extensive changes:

  • Decline in activity on historical markets (widespread decrease in paper consumption due to dematerialisation) and growth of new regions of consumption (BRIC, emerging economies)
  • Tougher environmental constraints in all manufacturing phases (forestry, pulp production, printing, distribution)
  • Pressure on costs (increased commodities and energy prices) and eroded margins

In a bid to reinforce their leadership, paper and pulp companies must:

  • Expand in new markets and anticipate the advent of new rivals
  • Control the entire production chain, including distribution, to meet new demand (e.g. management of recovery/recycling)
  • Innovate in order to offer more than mere commodities, rather offering high value-added paper and providing clients with a real service offer (e.g. green services)
  • Keep costs under control and achieve operational efficiency to maintain their competitiveness while anticipating new environmental constraints