Major hospitality groups around the world boast strong growth potential, despite the challenging environment that plagued the sector in 2009 and 2010. In Europe, consolidation is underway, whilst in emerging economies like China, Brazil and India, hospitality chains are just beginning to grow and still hold large potential.

Hospitality groups must simultaneously juggle five different functions:

  • Marketing: properly positioning their customer-oriented offer and maintaining worldwide recognition
  • Sales and Distribution: management of online and offline sales channels (both self-operated and distributed) as well as pricing
  • Operations: operations and cost management
  • Human Resources: hiring and maintaining the right people
  • Financing: implementing the right business model capable of maximising growth with the judicious use of the capital markets

Advancy advises hospitality groups on strategic projects such as:

  • External growth, through consolidation and acquisitions
  • Internal network development to reach critical mass
  • Development of new marketing concepts
  • Improvement of occupancy and profitability through sales efficiency, yield management and international distribution agreements
  • Structural efficiency and cost optimisation

Advancy also has an extensive understanding of issues affecting restaurant chains:

  • Offer alignment with customer tastes and needs
  • Optimisation of pricing strategy
  • Network development