Global Footprint


Advancy is an expert in the management of pan-country projects, which are increasingly in demand for our clients.

We cover Europe and the Middle East from our London and Paris offices, and soon, from Germany and South Africa; North America from our Boston office, South America from our São Paulo office, and the Asia-Pacific region from our New-Delhi, Shanghai and Sydney offices. We also work with an extensive network of 9 partners around the world.

By way of example, here are a few recent international projects

  • Growth strategy in China and Asia for a leading aluminum producer:
    • Formal documentation of market dynamics, segmentation of product appeal by clients and details of 5-year development plans.
    • Objectives: +40% growth, $500 million investment (Greenfield, joint venture, acquisition).
    • 4-month project, 3 consultants.
  • Development strategy on the Russian market for a leading luxury goods group:
    • Prospective study of threats and opportunities as part of an analysis for the development of a network of stores in Russia.
    • 3-month project, 4 consultants, approach rolled out for the Middle East and Brazilian markets.
  • Strategy aimed at improving operational and development strategies for a leading hospitality group in South America:
    • Detailed review of the performances of all high-end hospitality groups in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile, and recommendations for improvements in accommodations and restaurants.
    • 2-month project, 4 consultants.