Global Footprint


Advancy is an expert in the management of multi-national pan-country projects, which are increasingly demanded by our clients. in demand for our clients.

We cover Europe and the Middle East from our London and Paris offices, and soon, from Germany and South Africa; North America from our Boston office; South America from our São Paulo office; and the Asia-Pacific region from our New-Delhi, Shanghai and Sydney offices. We also work with an extensive network of 9 partners around the world.

By way of example, here are a few recent international projects

  • Growth strategy in China and Asia for a leading aluminum producer:
    • Formal documentation of market dynamics, segmentation of product appeal by client and a detailed 5-year development plan.
    • Objectives: +40% growth, $500 million investment (Greenfield, joint venture, acquisition).
    • 4-month project, 3 consultants.
  • Russia growth strategy Development strategy on the Russian market for a leading luxury goods group:
    • Study of potential Prospective study of threats and opportunities as part of an analysis for the development of a store network of stores in Russia.
    • 3-month project, 4 consultants, approach rolled out for the Middle East and Brazilian markets.
  • Strategy aimed at improving operational and development processes strategies for a leading hospitality group in South America:
    • Detailed review of the performances of all high-end hospitality groups in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile, and recommendations for improvements in accommodations and restaurants accommodation and foodservice markets.
    • 2-month project, 4 consultants.