Construction & Building Materials

A large range of building materials are used in construction and public works, including steel, aluminium, glass, plastics and materials from the processing of quarry products, making the industry complex.

This sector is undergoing profound changes:

  • Unprecedented growth of emerging markets that are undergoing rapid urbanisation
  • Increasing awareness of environmental issues and new methods of construction
  • Pressure on prices due to commodity costs
  • Strong dependence on construction and real estate cycles

To consolidate their leadership, companies in the sector must:

  • Identify and take advantage of the best growth opportunities in the market, be that through organic growth, acquisitions, partnerships, alliances etc.
  • Refine their market positioning (segmentation, new products, price positioning/steering, enhanced services), distribution (route-to-market, new channels, new models – specialist/generalist) and sales focus (sales plan, KAM)
  • Optimise industrial network performance