Energy & Utilities

The European energy scene is undergoing radical and irreversible changes at an accelerated pace, undermining energy providers’ conventional economic models and requiring them to adapt to the new reality.

The sector faces a wide variety of challenges:

  • Booming renewable energies with higher “merit order” ranks than conventional sources
  • Shale gas, a revolution in the US natural gas market that directly impacts European economics
  • Energy transition, leading to increases in energy efficiency
  • Increased competition in deregulated energy markets
  • Emergence of new disruptive innovations (g. energy storage), new economic models (e.g. Demand Side Management) and new digital capabilities

Despite significant imbalance among energy providers, all will have to manage major strategic turnarounds, critical for their futures, and provide clear answers to the emerging strategic issues.

Against this backdrop, sector players must:

  • Optimise energetic asset portfolios in the short, medium and long-term
  • Develop new and differentiating value proposals
  • Design and implement a digital strategy for infrastructure and Marketing & Sales
  • Exploit the full potential of business integration synergies (energy distribution, services)
  • Maximise innovation efforts and position themselves to anticipate technological trends and breakthroughs

Advancy supports its clients on a long-term basis to enhance their understanding of those stakes and challenges.