Consumer Goods

Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies are facing a new generation of challenges.

After years of focusing on costs, the development of new forms of customer interaction and the acceleration of emerging markets offer new pockets of growth:

  • Expansion of product lines in high-growth countries
  • “Route to market” in emerging countries
  • Use of new channels to accelerate growth and enhance affinity with the brands

Despite fierce price competition, driven by the development of wider private label ranges by retailers and an increased focus on low prices, companies are still required to maintain the same level of operations and close attention to cost structures:

  • Stay focused on the core business
  • Restructure production capabilities
  • Secure and effectively manage supply chain

To gain and maintain market leadership, major FMCG companies must:

  • Develop strategies for entry into high-growth countries
  • Explore opportunities for new products and optimise the brand portfolio
  • Redesign process innovations
  • Optimise marketing effectiveness, commercial animation and digital channels
  • Demonstrate operational excellence (sales force, supply chain, industry)