« Above all, good strategies must be applicable and actionable »

With more than 2,000 projects and 150 clients to their name, Advancy’s consultants have acquired a wealth of experience across many business functions and industry sectors.
We understand that from our clients’ perspective, each project is an investment, and therefore must have a measurable impact on the bottom line.

How is an Advancy project organised?

Advancy emphasises the importance of teamwork throughout projects, with our consultants often working from client offices in joint client/consultant teams. This builds client buy-in from the beginning and throughout the project, allowing for quick and effective implementation.

Our advice is based on tried-and-tested methods, supported by quantitative analyses and facts. It is this focus on results that enables our customers to place their trust in our work.

How do we differentiate?

  • Implementation – we don’t consider the job done until value has materialised on our clients’ bottom line
  • Senior Commitment – we don’t let the juniors do all the work; our senior staff are passionate about results and draw on a wide array of industry, entrepreneurial and consulting experience
  • Challenging the given – we don’t get hired to rubber stamp the past; we see ourselves as agents of change, and our clients hire us again and again to develop customised, sustainable, value creating elements of competitive advantage