Assisting our clients in their strategic choices is part of Advancy’s core business:

  • Growth strategy: determining and implementing profitable growth scenarios
  • Turnaround strategy: defining breakthrough recovery scenarios for struggling businesses potentially marked for disposal
  • Portfolio strategy: determining the most profitable options in terms of positioning, identifying assets for disposal, disposal value and potential buyers
  • “Make or buy”: defining the best strategy for support functions (in-house, subcontracting, joint venture, spin-off)
  • Business model: finding the most suitable cost strategy
  • Strategic oversight: defining and implementing key KPIs to track performance

Our advice is based on an analysis of a client’s options, quantification of the issues involved, definition of major scenarios and management buy-in.

Delivering on our promise of “strategic advice that works”, Advancy supports its clients in the implementation of their strategies until clear results are visible on the bottom line.