Though undermined by the financial crisis, the luxury goods sector has nevertheless been sustained by several growth reservoirs, including new emerging markets such as Brazil, growth in China (albeit recently subdued) and recovery in Japan.

At the same time, luxury brands are faced with new challenges:

  • Satisfying new client profiles as they become more connected, more fickle, and use a variety of sales channels (online, mobile, social media etc.)
  • Developing distribution channels with the right economic equation (location, format, categories, prices) to provide end-to-end management of the customer experience and capture maximum value
  • Meeting growing demand while maintaining control over product quality by securing raw materials (e.g. precious stones, pelts) and developing a competitive advantage through exclusive expertise
  • Managing the supply chain to provide optimal customer service given the shift in demand towards emerging countries, and maximising the contribution of production capacities

Advancy advises major luxury goods companies on these strategic projects:

  • Developing an exceptional and tailored customer experience globally
  • Managing expansion/growth, country priorities and formats (self-operated stores, franchises, etc.)
  • Route-to-market in emerging economies
  • Securing the supply chain and developing key areas of expertise, including via vertical integration
  • Enhancing the operational performance of the supply chain