Private Equity

For more than a decade, Advancy has developed extensive expertise in addressing the issues most important to investors, helping our clients realise strong returns. We have completed hundreds of engagements for leading mid-market and large-cap private equity funds in Europe and Australasia along all stages of their investment cycle:

  • Strategic Due Diligence: assessing market attractiveness, competitive landscape (and positioning of the target therein), strategy, organisation, operations and forecasts
  • Vendor Due Diligence: strategic planning, opportunity identification and sales process support
  • Post-merger Integration: developing and ensuring synergies and profit growth plans are on track
  • Portfolio Management: performance improvement of portfolio companies (growth strategies, operational efficiency, commercial strategies etc.) and acquisition support from screening to integration

Our due diligence approach aims to thoroughly and objectively test the investment thesis whilst uncovering areas of risk and opportunity.  We usually combine internal and external interviews with an in-depth analysis of key drivers and modelling of the target’s value creation potential.

Our skills rely on leveraging senior industry expertise to work effectively with our private equity client and, when the process allows, with the management of the target company.  It is not uncommon for a due diligence to include 50 to 100 interviews of customers, suppliers, industry experts, local and global competitors, as well as several working sessions with management and our client’s investment team.