Michael Norkus

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Michael Norkus

Michael Norkus

Senior Partner – Boston

“Our clients often say that we act like a “turbo charger and power steering” for their organization because of our ability to accelerate the resolution of complex strategic issues and ease the change to action”

And it is true. We have placed three values at the core of our client relationships:

  • Results:For us, a project’s success shows on the bottom line. Our work creates the linkages between new insights, passionate belief, and commitment to action
  • Innovation:The major benefit we bring as outside consultants, is to open new perspectives the business model and innovative capture of competitive advantage
  • Entrepreneurial spirit:Our unique collaborative team approach fosters the entrepreneurial spirit in client and consultant alike. It generates the energy needed for productive change

Experience and Education

Michael is the President of Alliance Consulting Group – representative of Advancy in USA. Prior to founding Alliance in 1986, Michael was Vice President and Director of The Boston Consulting Group where he worked for 11 years. The relationship with Advancy gives clients seamless coverage in all major international economies.

In his thirty years of consulting experience, Michael has achieved a track record of successful growth strategies. He has published on topics of strategy and is a frequent speaker. He has led senior executive workshops and seminars for a number of Fortune 500 companies. Michael serves on the Board of Directors of Acco Brands, Genesee&Wyoming, and Care Group.

He holds a Ph.D. magna cum laude in Law and Economics from the University of Hamburg, Germany, a Master of Comparative Business Law from the University of Paris, and received an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School.