Eric de Bettignies

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Eric de Bettignies

Eric de Bettignies

Senior Partner – Founder

“Advancy is an incredible platform for the development of each and every one of us”

After several successful career experiences in different practices and as special project officer for a global high-tech corporation, for me creating Advancy was a natural step forward. Over fifteen years later, I am still impressed by the power and drive behind this practice and am just as enthusiastic as on my first day.

We put together the Advancy Consulting Team on the foundations of very precise ideas:

  • Senior management consultancy is potentially of enormous mutual benefit to clients, to the consultants who advise the clients and also to the practice able to provide such a service
  • Client operations have to be overhauled because they have been unable to adapt to the deep-seated changes that have taken place over the last 15 years. The market is now mature, our clients have progressed beyond the erring ways of packaged advice and “big is beautiful”; they reject “copy/paste” consultancy and consultant reports. The consultants, for their part, refuse to be treated like luxury cannon fodder. They demand vision, consideration and exposure to real life beyond theoretical analyses shut up in an office

Our ideas were immediately confirmed in their application, for whereas our colleagues have been struggling through very difficult times these last few years, we have been growing by 30% to 50% every year.

Today, Advancy is based on simple concepts that can be applied by each team member on each project to the same high standard:

  • Discipline and professionalism: vision, practical approaches and solutions, close involvement with client teams, innovative methodology, etc.: this website also describes key factors that will I will not go into here
  • Small, accountable teams: we connect vision with experience, giving each member the opportunity to contribute to the shared success of the team. Collectively, the team brings incredible power to bear on everything we do

This platform has gone far beyond my initial goals. Reference results with our clients, Enthusiasm, Willpower, Teamwork and People Development, Strong growth, etc.: Advancy is a shared project of which every member of the team is rightfully proud. The next steps have already been launched and will be just as fascinating.

Experience and Education

  • With Advancy since 1999
  • 3 years of special assignments for the Lagardère group
  • 6 years of consultancy in management, corporate finance and strategy (Arthur Andersen, Price Waterhouse, AT Kearney)
  • Graduated from the Ecole des Mines in Paris in 1989