Getting to know Advancy

Who are we?

Advancy is a strategy management consultancy that specialises in a number of business sectors. Our vision of consultancy is pragmatic and it seeks to provide our clients with concrete answers to their problems.

How big is Advancy?

The firm currently employs more than 200 consultants with experience gained from over 2,000 projects for 150 different clients. Today, Advancy is one of the leading consultancies in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Who are Advancy's clients?

Advancy’s clients are primarily major corporations generally listed on the main international stock exchanges as well as blue chip private equity funds. We also work for mid-size companies  seeking to develop a leadership position in their sector. Our clients all share the same vision of a successful consultancy project: results, results, results.


Training and people development

What type of training can Advancy offer?

Training is an integral part of a consultant development. We have a formal training program called “Consulting Skills” for junior consultants where the aim is to provide new recruits with key consulting skills. Coaching and training on the job is the second key pillar of Advancy training.

Experienced consultants can make the most of an advanced program consisting of specific courses, for example working on your oral presentation skills or operational trainings on functional subjects such as “how to establish an effective pricing policy”.

How is staffing decided for projects?

At Advancy, we place a great deal of importance on the career development of our consultants. That is why our consultants’ personal choices are taken into account when staffing projects. However, staffing depends on consultant availability as well as the skills and level of seniority required by the engagement.

What type of appraisal system does Advancy use?

At Advancy, we know that our consultants’ career development is critical. A high-performance appraisal system is in place that helps each consultant objectively identify their strengths and weaknesses and direct their efforts accordingly. Consultants are assessed after each project. All dimensions of the consultancy profession are reviewed in depth. A 360° assessment is also made to assess team management. An annual review outlines expected performance and development for the following year.

What is Advancy's pay policy?

Salaries are consistent with those paid in the management consulting market.
Pay rises based on individual performance are reviewed annually and may reach or even exceed 20%.
Bonuses related to Advancy’s overall performance may correspond to more than 30% of annual salary.
Employee share ownership depends on the firm’s growth and the consultant’s grade and seniority.

Daily life at Advancy

How are new hires integrated into the practice?

A personal tutor is assigned to each new hire on arrival. The tutor’s role is to provide the new hire with support in all relevant fields to ensure rapid and efficient integration.

What are Advancy's working hours?

At Advancy we believe that a balanced life is both a personal goal and a guarantee of professional success. The aim of all our consultants is to provide our clients with high-quality results. This requires a strong commitment and a degree of flexibility because all projects have peaks in work load. However, clocking-up hours is by no means an objective! We therefore learn to be efficient and preserve the indispensable work – life balance.

Are there opportunities to travel abroad?

As part of an international consulting firm, our consultants are regularly asked to travel, should the project require so.

How would you describe the atmosphere at Advancy?

Professionalism, high standards, team spirit and conviviality would be the best description.


What is the best way to apply?

You can send your application (CV/resumé and cover letter) by email to recruitment@advancy.com (Paris and Shanghai applications) and to h.stjernstrom@advancy.com.au (Sydney applications). For more details, please refer to our recruitment procedure. Also, we regularly make presentations concerning the firm at major business and engineering schools. These are great opportunities to learn more about Advancy and meet our consultants, who can provide a detailed view of life at Advancy.

When is the best time to apply?

We assess applications and interview candidates throughout the year.

After sending my CV (resumé) and cover letter, what should I do?

If you are selected, we will invite you to attend a series of interviews so that we can get to know your personality and skills.

What sort of applicants is Advancy looking for?

To cut to the chase, we are really looking for outstandingly smart people. The rest is secondary, but include excellent academic qualifications, above average quantitative and communication skills and the desire to make a difference.

How long does the recruitment process last?

The recruitment process starts with an interview with our human resources manager and continues in a series of interviews with a number of  consultants. The process generally takes 2 to 3 weeks.

How many intern placements are available every year?

Advancy offers between 15 and 20 placements every year depending on their duration: 3 months, 6 months or more. At Advancy we permanently have a group of more than 5 interns.