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“Haute Performance”


Haute Performance – Representative of Advancy in Sub-Saharan Africa 

  • Haute Performance, Advancy’s partner in Sub-Saharan Africa, was established in 2004 in South Africa. The founding consultants from Tier One international firms established themselves with a strong Supply Chain competency, from which Haute Performance has expanded to now cover several sectors and issues at the top of the (South) African CEO’s agendas.
  • Our cooperation with Advancy has evolved naturally since 2018, starting with pointed collaboration on African assignments. In exploring further, we discovered many recurring touch points – sharing similar track records and prior affiliations, sharing the same clients, and having similar quality standards and concepts of our profession.

Expertise and Capabilities 

  • The cornerstone of our practice is the Supply Chain domain, where our original expertise stems out of a combination of line management responsibilities for Service Providers and Principals. This has been complemented over the years by a rich consulting track record, and we have nurtured a recognised franchise, based on the quality of our engagements, and the independence of our advice.
  • This original competency, while still substantial in our service offering, is now supported with additional competencies in operational domains, but also on organizational and strategical issues. Our service offerings (to name a few) include:
    • Customer Experience and Process Optimization
    • Order-to- Cash
    • Route-to-Market and Retail developments
    • Sales & Marketing optimization
    • Sales Force deployment


  • Driven by our experience, we operate in many different industries and sectors, but primarily in:
    • “B2B” Industrials, such as cement, oil&gas, utilities, metals…
    • “B2C”, such as pharmaceuticals, liquor and beverages, cosmetics, furniture, QSR…
    • “B2B” Services, such as supply chain services (transport, cash-in-transit), TIC, engineering
  • A good share of our clients are local subsidiaries of large Multinationals, particularly French ones.


  • The Johannesburg office, located in Illovo, is minutes away from Johannesburg’s premier business centre, Sandton, and from its challenger, Rosebank.
  • The office culture is a mix of balanced lifestyle, dedicated drive in all client and office matters, and strong sense of team spirit.

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