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For several years, automobile manufacturers and equipment suppliers (OEM and OES) have been confronted with a “scissor effect” that systematically puts pressure on their margins, with:

  • Structural over-capacity, particularly in mature economies
  • Environmental constraints growing stricter each year
  • Enhanced customer expectations, calling for more equipment and greater personalisation without any increase in price

The 2008/2009 crisis only exacerbated these constraints.

To meet these challenges, OEM’s and OES’ will have to:

  • Continue the vertical de-integration strategy, focusing efforts on shared platforms and module assemblies for OEM’s, as well as reaching critical mass in key technologies through acquisitions or mergers for OES’
  • Develop innovative strategies: new offers (electric or hybrid cars), new business models (sales of mobility solutions, rentals or sales of chargers for electric cars, car-sharing services), and personalised services (personalisation program, etc.)
  • Enhance their top line by offering innovative marketing solutions, for example through brand differentiation