Sébastien Revel

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Sébastien Revel

Sébastien Revel

Partner – Paris

“A close-knit team for unique success in the Paris marketplace”

After spending five years with an international firm, I was drawn in by Advancy’s entrepreneurial sprit so decided to join the team. The years that followed have validated my choice, because our achievements have placed the practice in a unique position in the market.

Our skills development, team excellence at all levels, and client references give me every confidence in our ability to continue and step up the growth we have accomplished since the practice was created.

Advancy is about more than successful projects, however. For me, the development of our teams and the enjoyment of working together are every bit as motivating for the future.

Experience and Education

Having joined Advancy after working as a Manager at an Anglo-Saxon consultancy, Sébastien began his career in the energy sector. Specialising in industry, he is specifically responsible for the development of the restructuring/operations/organisation, supply chain/logistics/distribution and transport businesses.

  • Manager, AT Kearney
  • Graduated from the Collège des Ingénieurs (engineering) – 1999
  • Graduated from the Ecole Supérieure de l’Electricité (electrical engineering) – 1996