Advancy places the utmost importance on the training of its consultants. Two types of training are available: formal training provided as part of a clearly defined program and informal project-based training (client or in-house) through coaching.

Advancy provides new consultants with a course called "Consulting skills" with 3 modules:

  • Issue analysis and problem solving: learning to structure a project
  • Interviewing skills: conducting more successful interviews (clients, experts)
  • Logical writing: delivering clear, well-structured messages

Advancy provides two types of training for senior consultants:

  • Public speaking skills: keys to giving an effective oral presentation
  • Operational expertise: expanding skills on the job

In addition, we organise a number of specific training programs focused on industry sectors (e.g. retail and luxury, FMCG, automotive, tourism) and capabilities (e.g. financial analysis, modeling, supply chain, lean manufacturing)