Supply Chain

Organisations increasingly find that they must rely on effective supply chains to maintain or increase their performance. Whether it is driven by a need to reduce costs or by a will to increase service levels, it all comes down to the same objective: delivering products to customers in a faster, smarter and cheaper way than competitors.

Supply chain excellence cannot be achieved without answering a number of questions:

  • Is our supply chain in line with our business strategy?
  • Do we have the optimal network configuration to serve our customers efficiently?
  • What level of outsourcing would be optimal for us both from a financial and risk management perspective?
  • How could we lower our inventory levels and still better meet demand? 

Advancy has developed the expertise to optimise end-to-end supply chains with extensive experience in areas such as inventory management, planning and forecasting, distribution network, freight, route to market and warehouse management.

Beyond supply chain strategy and redesign, Advancy supports all aspects of the implementation by delivering detailed action plans, taking part in negotiations with third parties and helping track initiative savings.

Advancy has completed a number of supply chain engagements leading to quick and tangible results: timelines cut in half (packaging), +20 points in IRD (steel), finished-product inventories reduced by 40% (aluminum), delivery in Full on Time (DIFOT) improved by 25ppt (FMCG), customer turned sole supplier (automobile OES), warehouse space reduced by 40% (FMCG).