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Supporting our clients to implement value adding solutions

Advancy Brazil

  • After a successful transition period, Valuepoint|Advancy concluded its merger with the Advancy Group. As from July 1st 2015 Valuepoint|Advancy adopted the global Advancy brand in all its businesses and interactions with clients and partners
  • Valuepoint’s team, formed by the merger of three consulting firms in 2009, has been operating in Brazil and South America since 1998. Since January 2014 after an operating agreement with Advancy, the firm (than renamed to Valuepoint Advancy) had been providing broader services to Brazilian clients abroad and better access to the Brazilian business environment for international clients
  • Our clients include large national and multinational groups in continuous search to strengthen their operations and mid-size companies seeking to be amongst the leaders in their sectors
  • Local Sr Partners and team comes from several top management consulting firms

Expertise and capabilities

  • Whilst we have worked in most industry sectors since 1998, we have developed a particularly strong expertise in Industries such as Metals & Mining, Energy & Utilities, Chemicals, Engineering, Health & Cosmetics and Consumer Goods
  • We create value for our clients through three main axes:

    • Strategy – How can we improve value creation?
    • Operational Effectiveness (Restructuring/Operations and Supply Chain) – How can we work more efficiently?
    • Organization – How can your organization best support your strategy and operational effectiveness?


  • Most of our clients work with us for a number of years on multiple projects tackling a wide variety of business issues. These long lasting relationships are good to both sides as we are able to faster deliver straight to the point recommendations totally tailored to our client’s specific business context
  • Large national and multinational companies with significant operations in Brazil and South America have been our clients


  • The Advancy Brazil São Paulo office is located in the premises of Avenida Faria Lima business in São Paulo providing a relaxed working environment
  • We pride ourselves on being strongly client-oriented but also preserving a balanced lifestyle fully benefiting from the global Advancy network through staff exchanges and transfers, global practices, joint training and inter-office events

São Paulo Partners