Restructuring & Operations

During the boom times, companies have focused on revenue growth, and Operations has often stayed under the radar. The recent economic slowdown has proven that cutting costs can be easier than growing revenues.

Most importantly, one of our key findings has been that you can cut cost and improve service levels at the same time, by reducing business complexity.

Three major trends will amplify the focus on operations:

  • Increased competitive pressure: globalisation promotes the appearance of numerous low-cost players or new entrants who are already using strong levers to differentiate - new value chain, outsourcing, offshoring,...
  • Increased customer requirement: information, comparison, selection... the customer is now more than ever in a privileged position in an increasingly transparent environment. The balance of power is reversed and customers have become extremely sophisticated
  • Always more services. Either B2B or B2C, in the "amenities" as in the technical specialties, the product must be accompanied by a "package" of customised services that make the difference: co-developing supplier-customer, appropriate deadlines, volume flexibility, innovative financing,...

Advancy helps industry leaders to push the boundaries of operational excellence across the whole value chain of the sectors we master: lean manufacturing, innovation and product development, purchasing, production and maintenance, capital committed and SG&A.

Our tried and tested methodology is personalised to meet two challenges:

  • Aligning operations with strategic decisions
  • Making real changes that lead to constant improvements throughout the organisation and deliver sustainable profit levels that trickle-down to all levels of the organisation

It is here that our motto "Driving Strategy to Results" fulfils its promise.