Our clients

Advancy was founded in 1999. Since then, we have built quality business relationships with people who have high ambitions for their company, are ready to listen to "politically incorrect" ideas and know how to make decisions that leave rivals in their wake.

What clients say about Advancy


  • "You go above and beyond good methods. Other firms seem content with a copy/paste approach"
  • "You’re never generic, your solutions are always 100% customised to our company"
  • "I see you as a special forces unit: you do what it takes to get the job done”


  • "You encourage us to think differently"
  • "Breakthrough recommendations driven by thorough analysis"
  • "Amazing. It looked simple at the end… but we were so far from it upfront"


  • "After five years, we are still using the methods and procedures we jointly came-up with during the project"
  • "You really are the reference in management consulting. This project is our success story for the year"
  • "I am impressed. You motivated our employees and helped them grow as a team"

Source: Advancy client quality check July 2014

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