Organisations have often developed over a number of years, being the legacy of numerous management teams. However, long-term success requires constant rethinking and adapting. Organisational structures are often stressed when companies acquire or merge with other companies. Change requires a period of thinking, strategy and anticipation of all events that the company will face.

A good organisation must meet several challenges:

  • Structures allowing to reduce complexity through clearer responsibilities
  • Central functions designed to create value rather than reporting
  • Management of scarce resources: recruitment, skills development and recognition of current and future leaders
  • Creation of a strong culture by establishing the conditions for successful change management that must be part of the company DNA

Advancy has been engaged in a number of organisational projects, from high-level assessments of the organisational structure to detailed discussions with key stakeholders at all layers in the organisation.

The strategic results tend to be medium to long-term but we often see immediate cost reductions by introducing more efficient organisations.