100% business impact, excellence & expertise

Advancy Germany

  • Advancy’s German team is led by Marc Staudenmayer, Burkhard Wagner and Hendrik Haas

Expertise and capabilities

  • Marc, Burkhard, Hendrik and their team focus on consulting C-level leaders in all their challenges.
  • The German office covers three functional C-level areas:
    • Strategy
    • Operations
    • Transformation & Change Management
  • The German office has a strong expertise in four industry groups:
    • Manufacturing & Process industries
    • Automotive
    • Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Equipment
    • Private Equity


  • For 20 years, our associates and their team have built up trustful relationships with an important number of German and European blue chip clients. They thrive to be a unique partner to people who have high ambitions for their company and are trusted because of three main differentiators:
    • 100% business impact: we have experienced that the hardest thing is not getting the idea but making a client organization move and thus generating bottom-line results. This is why we guide our clients from strategy to operations
    • 100% excellence: consulting is about helping your clients to change for better. The only way to achieve this is being untreatable about your own strive for excellence
    • 100% expertise: in what-ever field you are consulting, you need to be ahead of your client. Expertise is the basis of everything


  • The strive for excellence of our German team is built on three core values:
    • Client centricity: We exceed our clients’ expectations, as our success is our clients’ success
    • Team Excellence: As a team of leaders recruited among the best, we serve the client and each other and are thus stronger than any individual
    • Measurable Results: We go for bottom line results and thus need to make people change

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