Consulting skills

At Advancy, promotion is based on merit. Accordingly, we use an evaluation system that establishes an objective assessment of individual performance. It provides each consultant with an effective tool to identify his or her own improvement areas :

  • Problem solving
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Client relationships
  • Personal qualities
  • Knowledge management

Job profiles

Associate Consultant

You receive assistance from your immediate superior, who guides and teaches you the fundamentals of consulting.

When on assignment, you are part of the team. Your daily tasks consist of assisting with data collection and you perform the necessary quantitative analyses. The rest of the team appreciates that you present your work clearly and that your analyses are reliable.


You are now responsible for a wider field of tasks. You participate actively in identifying project issues and you conduct your interviews and analyses with little assistance. Based on these interviews and analyses, you are able to draw clear conclusions – the "so what?".

You show initiative and self-confidence when interacting with others. When working at the client’s offices, you project business maturity and your involvement in the project is both strong and visible to all. You are respected by client staff.

Senior Consultant

You participate actively in bringing structure to projects. You take responsibility for entire fields where complex analyses need to be conducted. You are accompanied by one or more junior consultants. You delegate fields of operation and ensure constructive feedback while guaranteeing high-quality deliverables and compliance with the timetable.

Your full understanding of the project means that you can present results to groups and maintain constructive discussions with the audience. The client is respectful of your contribution.


Your sector experience and consulting know-how mean that you can take full responsibility for a project with a small team of 2 or 3 consultants. You communicate your energy and motivation to the rest of the group.

You are able to communicate with Management to give the project all its expected value:  frequent progress reports, steering committees, brainstorming for novel solutions, management seminars, etc. Your ability to manage difficult situations and drive team operations means that you are the client's key contact person.

In-house, you contribute to Advancy's intellectual capital by formally defining “do’s and don’ts” and efficiently sharing best practices with the rest of the team.


As an accomplished manager you are in charge of several, often complex projects and you manage teams of 3 to 5 consultants. You are an excellent communicator and this allows you to manage audiences and difficult situations entirely on your own.

Your credibility and political sense are such that top management relies on you to chair the highest-level working sessions. Partners appreciate the close relationship you have built up with top management and your ability to develop new avenues of business.

In-house, you contribute to Advancy's expertise by formally defining new, innovative methods. You use your experience to develop Advancy communications (papers, lectures at major schools, conferences, etc.).