A day with Alexandre, Principal

Right now my time is divided between two projects. I start my day at a major luxury goods company interested in redefining its 5-year strategic plan. After reviewing the major historic trends of the brand's stores with Elsa, the consultant I'm working with on this project, we have a meeting with the Head of the network of stores.

Together, we analyse the strengths and weaknesses of each store and try to determine the key factors contributing to the robust performances of certain stores. The Network Head then takes us to one of the stores and explains how the range is put together, the store's top products and operating challenges. Afterwards, we summarise the key points of the meeting with Elsa. This afternoon, we have a meeting with the Head of the brand's ready-to-wear line. Elsa will go alone and keep me informed of the key points of the meeting.

I continue my day by meeting up with Nicolas in the early afternoon. Nicolas is the consultant I'm working with on my second project. Our goal is to help a sporting goods retailer evaluate the performance of its new store concept. Nicolas just got back from 3 days in the field with store managers. We are pleased to note that store performance is largely correlated with the quality of the operational implementation of the store's concept. Together, we are preparing the document we will use to summarise our analyses and recommendations at the next Management Committee meeting.

Elsa spent two and a half hours with the Head of the ready-to-wear line. She now knows the brand's products from A to Z: new products creating the brand's reputation, high-margin products contributing to profitability, end-of-life products, etc. This knowledge will prove very useful during our client meetings in comparing the customer's perception of the products with Management's perception. So we'll end our day by preparing for tomorrow's meetings.